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Default Re: Chad Ford's mock, version 5

Originally Posted by blazerjimmy
This is the highest I've seen Psycho T since his freshman year!!! Can't see Phoenix taking Daye at 14, with Nash's comments about wanting to be on a contender......unless they're drafting him for someone else to include in a trade (for Shaq or Statemire). I like Summers at 24, for my Blazers, but I don't really think we'll be holding on to that pick.

To be honest, I don't think Hansbrough would be too bad a pick at that position. Yes, his stock was way too high two and three years ago, but it has been way too low this year considering how bad this draft class is. In this draft you do well by drafting a solid role player (in Hansbrough's case 10/10 guy) in the late lottery, and if it's the right kind of team that will pick him, he might do that.

He's a 6'9/250 power forward, and the best player of the NCAA's champions!
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