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Default James Johnson slipping?

Seen him now as low as 22 in ESPN's. A big SF with just about every skill you can ask for except the 3 pt shot. Good defense, handles, vision, post moves, mid-range game, rebounding, etc. Add to the fact he's only been playing organized basketball for 6 years. Oh and he has a 21-0 kickboxing record as well as several world karate titles for his age group.

The knock is he's heavy, but the rest of his combine measurements are all pretty much what you expect out of an SF. I can see him being very good at either position.

His college performances, although not bad, show nothing of what kind of player he can be because he was on a completely stacked team with an unprepared coach who never got them on the same page.

He will be a poor man's Chuck and lots of teams will regret passing on him.
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