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Default Re: Washington-Minnesota made trade

Decent for Washington just based on talent alone and it'll probably be a decent trade for Minnesota depending on who they pick.

I don't think too much of Randy Foye and definitely don't see how he'll fit with Arenas but I guess he's still a young asset in this league. Getting Mike Miller though is a nice pickup for a team that'll probably be one of the better teams in the East if healthy next year. Mike Miller gives you that bit of everything (except D) at either SG or SF. Good shooting, solid playmaking and rebounding and doesn't demand a ton of shots.


That's damn nice when healthy. A very dangerous offensive team.

I guess Minnesota will now draft one of the PGs with one of their picks. If they can get James Harden + Rubio/Flynn/Curry/Holiday then they'll finally have the makings of a more balanced roster.
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