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Default Re: Washington-Minnesota made trade

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
So Minnesota is now likely drafting a PG and an SG right? Lots of rumours about them liking Tyreke Evans but if James Harden falls to them, would they take Evans over him? Not sure if you'd want two players who don't have jumpshots like Rubio and Evans if both are there. So what are the best combos for them? Curry + Evans/Harden?
A SG is guaranteed at 6, IMO. Hill is lock at #5 as well.

Too many points in this draft to take a PG that high when they could get Lawson at #18. I dunno, maybe if they really like a Flynn (which I don't doubt), I can see them taking him at #6. But I think they need a big SG...tired of being small in the backcourt.
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