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Default Re: Your 2009-10 Milwaukee Bucks team

Originally Posted by gasolina
Seems the Bucks kinda went the wrong way when they traded Yi for Jefferson. Now it seems they drafted nothing.

Anyway here's your Bucks team for next season. I'm thinking the Bucks would be pretty far off the luxury tax so they can resign Prince Luc, CV and Sessions.


Prince Luc


Hopefully the Bucks can trade Redd to a contender (closest maybe is Cleveland). However, the Cavs don't seem to have any young players to offer.

It's gonna be a long year for Bucks fans

Hang in there Bucks Fans...I know y'all have to upset. I was pissed when the Nets traded Jefferson for YI and then i thought well at least the Bucks are going to be decent with Jefferson and Redd, but now they trade Jefferson to the Spurs? Good move for the Spurs, horrible for the Bucks.
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