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Default Re: Green Room Invites Announced

Originally Posted by Looptroop
I think Psycho T will be sitting for longer than Daye. Daye's got game, but he needs to hit the weight room. He's got more room to grow than Psycho T, who's probably maxed out his abilities. I see Daye as a less eccentric and, well, dumb, Anthony Randolph. I think Daye could go to the Suns (14) or the T-Wolves (18).
his frame will limit any real weight gain he can achieve. I see him being something of a mis-match (good or bad) in that he wont be quick enough for top sf (neither is tay tay, but he knows how to use his length, something daye hasnt displayed yet) and he will get his ass abused by most 4s (excluding the tweeners like marion and jamison). I still like the kid, but im torn on whether I want my team (pistons) to draft him. I dont really want mullens either.
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