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Default Re: we got the 5th pick now

Originally Posted by UConnCeltics
I HOPE you guys are able to trade up to the 2 spot, and keep the 5. If you are able to keep the 5, you have about a 95% chance of landing both Evans and Rubio. But one thing I'm not sure of is how Minny views Evans. Do they view him as a PG or a SG?

I first viewed him as a pg, but I'm starting to lean towards sg. I guess I didn't realize how big the guy was, he's pushing 6'6 in shoes, and he's gotta be around 220, to lazy to go look it up. But he did play great at the point in Memphis so its hard to say. I think he could play either position really...

Originally Posted by franchize
get a 2 guard or sf.yall have a good pg in Sebastian.yall just need to stop being stupid and play him.Whenever he starts he plays well.Unfortunately, there arent many guys at those positions.Terrence Williams would be a good fit for yall if you wanna trade down or James Harden @ 5 if he's still there.

Telfair really isn't that good trust me, he started at the point every game for McHale, he has 10 horrible games, then 1 good game. He's extremely inefficient and doesn't run the team all that well. And we don't need a sf, we have Gomes, who had a great year last year, and Brewer is coming back next year. He's added about 20 pounds which is going to be great. The guy was 6'9 190, and he looked SOMEWHAT promising last year. His shooting looked like it improved. But we don't really need a sf, not to mention we could resign Carney, who was great last year.
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