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Default Re: Your 2009-10 Milwaukee Bucks team

Originally Posted by gasolina
The Jefferson trade was more of a one step back move. Instead of shooting themselves in the foot by hanging on to Jefferson, they swallow their lumps and stop the bleeding

in order to keep RJ they had to lose 2 young talents in CV and Sessions. Also they weren't able to bring back Ersan.
And because Redd was down, RJ was the only one they could trade.
Now they resign Sessions, draft Hill or Derozan, maybe bring Ilyasova over (i think he can be better than CV) and the bucks have an excellent group of young guys.
They'll also have like 18 mil $ for next summer. Maybe Hammond can sign a superstar with the max

I like what Hammond is doing. It had to be done 2-3 seasons ago but later is better than never
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