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Default Jordan, no. Please, just stop.

Louisville's Terrence Williams has a right to be upset. After working out against Gerald Henderson on Monday in Charlotte, Williams thought he got a promise to be drafted by Charlotte at No. 12. Larry Brown had fallen in love with him and Williams was confident enough that he skipped a workout the next day with New Jersey.

Then Michael Jordan showed up. According to sources Jordan isn't a big Williams fan and would prefer that the Bobcats either trade the pick or draft Wake Forest's James Johnson.

Can't wait to see how that one turns out.

James Johnson is the other guy who could go here. While Williams seems to be the favorite of Brown, Michael Jordan has emerged as a Johnson fan and could end up trumping Brown. I would love to see those two duke it out. Think Larry will start chanting "Kwame! Kwame!" or maybe "Adam! Adam!"?

From Chad Ford's Draft Buzz/Mock 7.0.

I'm seriously going to cry if we draft James Johnson. Bust in the making.
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