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Default Re: Wolves trading Randy Foye, Mike Miller to Wizards for #5 E.Thomas O.Pecherov Dari

Originally Posted by andredagiant
lol nooooo the same Randy that banged Khloe Kardashian? Who? haha...for real though, this is a decent move on the Wizards part, their pretty good insurance players, just in case caron goes down with an injury mike would be a decent backup for him if not replacement just in case, as for Foye, he just seems like another Arenas to me, unless Arenas gets injured again I can see a problem developing between Randy and him since they both have ego problems, though Agent Zero is alot more entertaining than Randy. Other than moving up the draft, I don't see what else this trade does for the T'Wolves....not too sure what their trying to do, are they trying to be the next Clippers?
trading 2 average players for 1 potentially great player doesnt sound good to you? we probably werent going to resign miller anyway and randy foye has no place leading a team, he just isnt good at that.
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