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Default Remember that 1 guy here hyping up Dionte Christmas

He hyped up Dionte Christmas to the point that others who trust his opinion then themselves began to hype up Dionte Christmas, without ever really watching him play but agreeing that he will be a NBA player or the steal of the Draft when really he projected as the 3rd best spot shooter behind Ellington & Meeks.

Kind of funny he has something in common with Keith Brumbaugh now, take a guess.

You kept ribbing me for making claims about Keith Brumbaugh, I know I shouldnt have put expectations on him as a NBA player because there wasnt a 100% chance hed get a chance in the NBA, Now its just funny seeing how 1 guy spread the words of Dionte Christmas to everyone here and he, like Brumbaugh goes undrafted.

My guy didnt get pick, your guy didnt get picked, Fair.

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