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Default Re: 2009-2010 Line up

Originally Posted by TarHeelBorn
PG: Felton, Augustin
SG: Bell, Henderson
SF: Wallace, Vlad
PF: Diaw, Brown
C: Okafor, Diop

I assume we try to move Nazr and/or Vlad and possibly re-sign May for the vet minimum. We need to target a decent 3 in free agency to back up Gerald.

Not an All-Star line up but it should make the playoffs.

Okay I have some thoughts/questions. At C we have Mek and Diop both of whom get into foul trouble pretty easily. Our back-ups are Nazr and Ajinca. Not much there to feel confident about. Do we try to dump both players to get a more reliable third-string C or do we wait until training camp before making any decisions?

Next. THB--you did make a comment about moving Vlad and I agree because although he seemed like a good deal initially, the last several weeks of the season he couldn't hold on to the ball. So at least in my eyes he is now a liability. So we definitely have a problem at the 3.

Do we need Dontell Jefferson solely as a back-up to Felts and Augustin or can Jefferson be groomed to play multiple positions? I think we really need versatile players like that which is why I hope to heavens that we re-sign Juwan Howard.

Finally--we are left with May and Singletary. What do we do with them? Now if May shapes up then he could be a good back-up at the 4. Otherwise you have Diaw trying to carry the entire show and we know that he, too, gets injured.

The upshot is that we have some players who will just take up roster space and we can't get to the playoffs like that. So I'm really anxious to see what MJ and LB can come up with to give us the kind of depth that we need in order to get out of the cellar. (I have no problem trading Mek if we can get someone with more passion and consistency. With Mek you never know who's going to show up at game time.)
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