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Default Re: The Memphis Grizzlies Paradox

Originally Posted by J-Memphis
For the last few years the Grizzlies have picked up decent pieces while trying to recover their image after the notorious Pau Gasol trade. But the moves for O.J. Mayo and Rudy Gay and the acquisitions of Marc Gasol and Mike Conley haven't done much for the win column, and the Grizzlies Front Office routinely gets hammered for their lack of commitment to winning.

Over the past 3 seasons anytime the Memphis Grizzlies are mentioned by ESPN or NBA TV, it is either a joke we've heard over and over or another reference to the Pau trade. Maybe the worst part about being a Grizz fan is having to hear about them and the famous mistakes over and over again.

However, while the National Media has hammered us over this, the die-hard fans supported most of these moves (Mayo, Gay, M. Gasol).

But yesterday the story flipped.

With the drafting of Hasheem Thabeet, Carroll, and Young, almost all of the national pundits are applauding the Grizz. Chad Ford has said some pretty nice things in his recent articles, and NBA TV sounded like Chris Wallace himself when talking about our improvements in defense.

So for at least a day the national media is playing nice with the Grizzlies.

Many of the die-hard fans, however, are taking up where the media left off. Many of us dread the idea of the 2nd overall pick "competing" for a spot in the starting lineup. Whether or not, Thabeet can play alongside Gasol is a big question. Bottom line: The draft did not exactly infuse incredible amounts of hope in the fan base.

So while for the last few years, loyal fans have gotten excited over some of the moves while the media has demolished any credibility the Grizzlies had. And yesterday with their draft selections, the Grizz found an unusual friend in the media, while many fans woke up feeling punched in the gut.

I'm not sure which initial reaction will turn out to be prophetic, but I think it is interesting how different the scene is for the Grizzlies in the national spotlight and in the eyes of the fanbase at least for today. Any thoughts on this are welcome.

Well, Memphis is my one true home and I will be behind the Tigers and Griz no matter what. I was pretty satisfied with our draft last night. I mean, at least we didn't do something that didn't make sense like the T'wolves drafting like 4 PG, (even tho they traded Lawson and Calathes). Anything else we need to resolve, we can take care of at free agency. Unlike a lot of people here, I have patience and faith in my team. And if Mr. Ford likes what the griz did, he who has bashed the griz more than anyone(and he admitted it), we are making progress. Fans can say what they want about Thabeet, but drafting Evans or Rubio would make even less sense than drafting Thabeet. I know my loyality to the griz threatened to jump off the memphis bridge if we drafted Thabeet, but I thought about it, and I think it could work out. Bottomline, I'm just saying, give the guy a chance.
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