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Default Re: Remember that 1 guy here hyping up Dionte Christmas

Originally Posted by Posterize246
My dad and Dionte's agent Andre Buck are good friends, they graduated in the same class. And I worked at Buck's summer camp when I was about 15 and still talk to his mom on occasion. But in my Posterize's Pro Prospects I said that "he would struggle to find his niche" in the league. And in the thread on the sleepers of this draft I explained how I wasn't too high on his transition to the league.

My Dionte appreciation has to do with me being a lifelong Temple fan and now a Temple student. Must be another poster you're speaking of.

And that other poster is you.

Sorry I had to get this off my chest, you ribbed on me hard last year over Keith Brumbaugh.

Not saying this in a negative way but I was really hoping Dionte Christmas went undrafted just to feel even with you, and Temple sucks.
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