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Default Re: Remember that 1 guy here hyping up Dionte Christmas

Originally Posted by Interminator
Dont get defensive on me , Christmas was "Your guy" and Brumbaugh was "My guy" last year.

If you've read my posts on Brumbaugh, I clearly stated that he would need an opportunity to first get a foot in the door as a role player but talent wise he can do more than Beasley. If Christmas did get his foot in the door as a role player, do you think he could then prove he warrants a bigger role on a team?
No, he couldn't. I've already said Dionte's an overseas guy. I think he was worthy of being drafted over some other guys (mainly Robert Vaden) just for the sake of being drafted. But Dionte's not an Nba player.

And Dionte was never "my guy". Jonny Flynn was my guy if you remember the thread I made way back saying I would take him over both Rubio and Jennings. But I know you have different feelings towards Flynn and that's a different debate.
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