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Default Re: Remember that 1 guy here hyping up Dionte Christmas

Originally Posted by lukeridnour08
lol OP is such a joke.
How could you actually make predictions on Keith Brumbaugh when you have hardly seen him play (i'm assuming).
Its not like he was the top guy in HS either.

And then making a thread comparing your blunder to another's like itsd some form of justification.

I mentioned before how I got to see Brumbaugh play, and what I didnt see I would watch on highlights back when people used to see recruits via

Brumbaugh was ranked as high as #3 for the Class of 2005 by Rivals, and the only time he fell out of the Top 5 was in the Final Rankings. He was one of the Elite basketball recruits coming out of HS and could do it all on the court, he just screwed up continously off the court and never played D1 college ball.

When I think of a guy like Brumbaugh I think of Captain Jack who screwed up badly off the court but eventually turned his life around to reach the NBA and has been a factor after getting his foot in the door.
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