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Originally Posted by Interminator
Mullens left because his family was homeless, I am not kidding. They mentioned how he spent times throughout his childhood living in a homeless shelter.

Another thing I like about Monroe is that at least he has goals for college, I think his goal is to win a National Championship by the end of his Junior season and without early defections and a strong recruiting class in 2010 that could be possible.

I think with the depth at the 4 position next year, he must have a dominant season to rise above the rest.

With 1st Round, possible Lottery talent you're looking at:
Kenneth Faried
Craig Brackins
Jajuan Johnson
Derrick Favors
John Henson
Milton Jennings
Patrick Patterson
Renardo Sidney
Gani Lawal
Ed Davis
Rashanti Harris
Jaymicheal Green

Everyone wont enter but that is serious talent you have to seperate yourself from.
I knew Mullens needed the money, but I didn't realise it was that bad. I surely don't blame him. A garunteed contract worth a sh!t load of cash and he doesn't even have to put on a uniform yet.

Yeah, Monroe's mentality is a great thing. A dominant season will definitly put him above all of those players, but like you say, it is a touch pack to break away from.

Sidney may not go to Mississippi State, they're currently investigating his eligibility or if he had violated it due to his father having some type of paid job by Reebok to coach an AAU team that Sidney played for.
Thats what I've heard.

Sidney is erratic like that, He has a nice touch from outside though but he doesnt realize that it makes more sense to work on your shooting in practice instead of trying them out in a game, Big Baby did that and now his mid range shot is effective.
Yeah, I remember reading something about that awhile ago, I didn't really pay attention to it.

Wasn't Sidney also not allowed to play in a certain conference due to his grades? It may have been Sidney, but it might have been someone else.

Yeah rebounding is very impressive when you can grab so many espescially if you really arent a factor scoring the ball on offense, so people essentially are watching you on the court to see you do your role.

If you can rebound very well, you will last very long in the NBA if you're a somewhat undersized big man.
Undersized rebounders are always fantastic to watch. They seem to have a much greater desire to chase down the ball and do a lot just to get it.

I love seeing guys scrambling through everyone to get the rebound, whilst some other players really couldn't care. It really does show how hard players are willing to work when they show how much they want the ball, especially on the offensive boards.
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