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Default Re: What do you guys think about the Thunder's Draft so far

I think you guys had a great draft, by selecting Harden you not only avoided problems with Rubio, you also added size. Westbrook is too small to be playing the two.
I like your team (except the arena and the jerseys) and I'll definitely watch some games since you took my fav college player at #3.
BJ Mullens was a very solid pick.
You have a lot of big men (I dont know which are FA's?)

pg - Westbrook / Livingston / Watson / Atkins
sg - Harden / Sefolosha
sf - Durant / Mason
pf - Green / Collison
c - Mullens / Krstic / DJ White

seriously, if all 5 of your young players develop well this team is going to be a powerhouse in a couple of years. Durant finally gets some help.
And you have the Suns pick in 2010 right?
thats possibly a high lottery pick.
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