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Default Re: LA Daily News Season Review

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Fisher has been struggling for a huge part of the season.

I think B is just the right grade because of how he redeemed himself.

Well, I do not know if 2 shots alone in 1 game are enough to redeem his performance the entire 82 game reg season (with the exception of about 10 reg season games) and also the entire playoffs (with the exception of about 3-4 playoff games)... I personally think that his performance for the season earns him a C but his leadership brings him up to C+ and his classiness brings him up to a final grade of B-.

BTW - do not forget that we were not in a MUST-WIN situation in game 4. This is not exactly relevant; just saying that Fisher's shots were clutch as hell but slightly overrated. Most people will probably completely disagree here, but that is just my view. I think we would have won the series even if we lost game 4.

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