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Default Re: Top FA PFs or Cs?

Originally Posted by GiveItToBurrito
I think that Andersen, Gortat, Pachulia, Varejao, etc. are going to be too expensive for us, and that we really just need a Ruffin-type who can come in for ten minutes, foul the **** out of people, rebound, and maybe block a shot. Blatche and McGee deserve 20 minutes per game, Haywood and Jamison will play at least 30, and we just don't have the minutes to make it worth while to sign another guy and put off developing some genuinely talented young bigs.

My "dream" (if you can even call it that) guy would probably be McDyess (great rebounder, good defender, and can hit the 15 footer if he's open), but even he might be too expensive for us. Ideally, we'll sign Shelden Williams, since he defends, rebounds, and plays with a relatively high iq. He can't score AT ALL, but we won't really need him too if we've got one or two guys at four positions who can drop twenty on any given night.

To tell you the truth, i'd rather have Antonio Mcdyess then all those guys you named.

Andersen is solid yet he is gonna want some big bucks

Gortat is an below-avg big man with no particular skills

Varejao is a soft goon with no post game and no shot

Pachulia is eh, nothing wows me about him

On the other hand, Mcdyess can rebound well, defend well, can play PF/C and has a respectable jump shot from the baseline or wherever they used to leave him open on Detroit. He is getting old but he could give us quality minutes and hopefully Blatche/Mcgee can learn a few things and/or step up.

I like what our team is doing, adding depth and quality players, we just need to be injury free and we can make some noise in the nation's capitol
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