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Default Re: Summer League rosters

How good a shot do you all think these guys have to make their teams?

Barring trades, and I do expect TJ Ford to be moved (they've reportedly tried multiple times), I think Leo Lyons has the best shot. AJ Price obviously has a leg up on Aaron Jackson being a draft pick (non-guaranteed contract or not), but to be honest I think that was a pretty poor choice. They saw him in one workout and took him and idiot casual Indy fans are already knocking the guy for the laptop thing. I hate to say it, but the general Indiana fan base is quite unkowledgable, now that Daniels is gone, Tinsley remains the only member of the brawl team, and obviously he'll never suit up again.

From what I've seen from YouTube clips (admittedly a poor asset in juding ability) Jackson can play either G spot, something Price obviously can't. And Interminator likes him, I don't care what the rest of you say, I think he's a solid judge of talent. I just can't figure out the Price pick, if you want a future replacement at the one and go Maynor/Holiday/Lawson in round 1 I get it, but wasting a pick on a guy who at best is stuck behind Travis freakin Diener on the depth chart? Second round picks are becoming a great commodity with the non-guaranteed contracts (unless you're James White) and I can't understand just outright wasting one.

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