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Default Re: BREAKING NEWS: Artest to sign with Lakers?

Originally Posted by ROCSteady
Not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, it makes our starting 5 EXTREMELY potent and well-rounded. On the other,RIGHT NOW I think I prefer our team with Ariza cuz he has gr8 chemistry with the team. Artest takes bad shots a lot of the time. I think it's a gamble for sure. I don't have the confidence that Artest would be a Laker for a long time. However, if this works out with little to no friction, WATCH OUT NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION

I'm with you dude.
Consider that the Lakers have a great, superstar leader (Kobe), a cagey vet and captain with 4 rings (Fish), plus the greatest coach, who is great with dealing with personalities like Ron's.
Artest is a great player, great scorer and defender, and will fit if he can be reined in a little.
Plus, he matches up so well with guys like RJ, Pierce, Melo and even Bron.
I will miss Trev. His agent is a grade A butthole!
Cost Trev his dream.
This has to signal Phil is returning.

I wish we could somehow dump Sasha, Walton and Morrison, and still sign Trev. We could trade them to any team under the cap who could simply absorb their deal, problem is all the talent out this year.
I mean, would you rather have Sasha at 5 mil per season or AI? Who will probably have to settle for MLE money. Maybe including Farmar or a future pick could entice someone enough?
I doubt it, I'm afraid Trev's agent way overplayed his hand, but I bet he winds up in Cleveland.
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