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Default Re: BREAKING NEWS: Artest expect to sign with the Lakers (3 yr/18 mil)

Incredible move by Lakers FO.
Now we have 4 starters capable of going for 20 any night (Kobe, Pau, Bynum and Artest), plus LO off the bench.
I do think we'll keep LO, probably in the 7-8 range.
I am very sad though to see Trev go.

How about this trade:
Lakers send: Sasha

To Memphis for Jaric.

Memphis sheds Jaric's deal (2 years 7+per)
Gets a back up young inexpensive PG for Conley (Farmar, who's is an expiring/ RFA next year), a young shooter (Morrison, also an expiring/ RFA next year), and Sasha (Memphis needs bodies and outside shooting off the bench). Sasha's deal isn't expiring, but it's about 2.5 mil less per year (for 2 years) than Jaric's

Lakers take Jaric's bad contract off their hands (he makes about 2.5 mil more than Sasha, so it frees up some salary for a poor franchise)
Plus we get Adriana Lima (Jaric's wife) at Laker games (just a bonus)
Plus it frees the Lakers of over 5 mil in salary (which Memphis can simply absorb, since they are under the cap, even with the Randolph trade), which we use to resign Trevor. (We can still sign him over the cap since he is our own FA)

Starting 5 of Kobe, Fish, Artest, Gasol, Bynum.
LO, Trev and Shannon (or Jaric) off the bench.
Plus Luke, Powell, DJ, Sun.

I know, I know, not gonna happen, I'd just love to find a way to keep Trev (and keep him away from a competitor.)

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