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Default Re: BREAKING NEWS: Artest expect to sign with the Lakers (3 yr/18 mil)

Well, if we are not going to keep Ariza, at least we can have Ron. Not overly happy like most of you. I was really hoping Ariza would be retained bc of his ability to play without the ball. He impact the game on both ends without really needing the ball in his hands. Artest however needs the ball in his hands on offense to be in his comfort zone and takes many ill advised jumpers. Artest has been vocal in the past in wanting more touches and wanting bigger roles on teams. I just hope he truly understands that he is going to not get as many shots and not let this affect him or the team. But he is the superior man defender. Much stronger. And is a guy who can take on the Melos, Lebrons and Pierces of the NBA. In the end though, winning cures all complaints. He just really needs to keep his head in check and I am confident that Phil, Fish and Kobe will be able to do that. Welcome Ron, we all embrace you
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