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Default Re: Artest a mistake

Man, people riding the "Ariza > Artest bus" are trippin...hard. You guys should seriously start judging talent with your eyes and brains instead of your heart. Look, I love that dude Ariza. Those two pivotal steals in the playoffs. His Finals performance! If we were in person after Game 4, I would've kissed him on the mouth, yes homo! But come on. There is not one single area of his game that is better than Artest's. Artest is nutty, but we all know Phil can handle that. And there is no way Kobe allows this dude to f*ck things up by jacking ill advised shots (wich is something Trevor had a tendancy to do himself). I think Ron will be on his best behavior as seen in Houston. Watch, come June you guys will be all onboard with this move. Mitch is great. Now if we can just lock up Odom and S. Dot, then dump Sasha and Luke for Popeye's 2 piece, we'll be in business.
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