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Default Re: O.J. Mayo: The next great one?

He really shows flashes. He has all the capabilities to play and defend the 2-guard, but for some reason, he keeps talking about wanting to play point. Luckily Lionel Hollins doesn't see it that way. As much as he wants to be, he is not a Chauncey Billups-type.

However, he has a great mentality for professional bball, especially for being a 1st-year player. I will admit that there is some Kobe in him, but I don't think he will be that much of an all-time great.

The thing he does have going for him is a great shot, especially from 3-point range. His athleticism is underrated as well. There were many drives he made last year that were surprising thanks to that knock on him. He does need to get better at finishing them, though.

He was worn down last season, being forced to play so many minutes. But he strikes me as the type of guy to be able to prepare himself for the grind next year.
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