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Learning to shoot layups
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When I say the same player I mean they are both intimidating pf's.They are both in your face talk **** with there dunks kinda guys.Kenyon has gotten a more consistent jumper over the last two years,but he is still a liability in the locker room.He was seen make fun of alonzo for not beign able to run cause of his injury.Thats just kenyon though he is an immature out of control player.Look back to the playoffs he was banned cause he probably talked **** about his team for losing.He is overpaid for what he brings.However he is good on both ends a great leaper,fast moves on post, nice ball handling, shot is not that bad,and has good hands.He is better then boozer I agree but in terms of style there alot alike.I would take both guys on my team over the talent that the grizz have in terms of centers and forwards.
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