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Default Re: Artest a mistake

Well, I was talking to this friend of mine, who is a hardcore Rockets fan (probably watched almost every Rockets game). He said Rockets fans would probably have taken Artest back again with open hands in a heart-beat if Yao wasn't so screwed up. Right now, Rockets may be planning on rebuilding possibly, and Ariza is better for the long haul than Artest. He told me that Artest played solid defense for them throughout the season. Artest did make a bunch of boneheaded plays here and there.

Offense is where even he said Rockets fans had a love/hate relationship for Artest. When either T-Mac or Yao Ming (or any other Rocket for that matter) was shooting good, Artest would pass the ball around and played within the system. As soon as the Rockets offense went stagnant and nobody was scoring, Artest would often try to take over by jacking up shots. Even when both T-Mac/Yao Ming were both playing and not making any shots, Artest would shoot every time he got the ball just to try and bring Rockets out of the drought. Sometimes, that actually made things worse than what it was already. Honestly, I think the Lakers offense is better and more consistent overall than the Rockets offense so I wouldn't worry too much about it (exception is 3rd quarter - Lakers cannot score first 6-7 mins of 3rd quarters). As long as the Lakers offense is going smooth, we shouldn't worry about Artest jacking up terrible shots. Just hope that we don't go on too many droughts - if we do, I expect some of us to start blaming Artest for losing games just by looking at his shooting % and amount of shots.

That is very similar to what Kobe does. When the Lakers are playing bad offense and missing shot after shot, Kobe often tries to take over by jacking up shot after shot to hopefully bring the Lakers offense back to rhythm. The only difference is that Kobe is a better overall shooter than Artest, and his shooting excels under pressure. Same can't be said for Artest.

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