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Default Re: Lakers dodge a bullett with Turkoglu signing?

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
No thats going a bit too far. Ben didn't have much skills. Just some athleticism that he knew how to use to his advantage.

Turkoglu actually has a variety of moves, and he hit some really clutch shots in the playoffs. Also very high IQ player. Can't believe he played behind Peja for so many years in Sacramento.

okay, maybe that was a bit too extreme. haha.. not like the ben wallace move, but similar.

Alright we all know that Turk might have already had has his best years behind him.. God it was just yesterday that he played for Sacto and Spurs.. and now he is still around. Dont get me wrong, the guy is a good player, and he will be when he is 32, but not at 10 mil. Not at 35 years old. Now could I Be wrong? YES. Do i know that? YES.

I just think that, offering Turk that huge contract for a YOUNG team might hurt a little. You might not be getting true value for your dollar in 2 years, something like inflation. haha

A team like Portland has Brandon Roy, do they really need Turk? An aging turkoglu? That doesnt play defense?

Portland is a yound team with capspace. They are peices away from being a legit team. Wasting 10 mil on an old Turkoglu, is it worth it? when if you just wait a year, you could spend that 10 mil, and add like 7 and add a STAR player, like a Carmelo, or Amare, or who ever you want. Portland could do BIG things with that extra 10 mil that they DIDNT WASTE.

Call me crazy, but thats my opinion.

Turkoglu was a good player, that was caught on the RIGHT TEAM, at the RIGHT TIME, with the RIGHT PLAYERS, the RIGHT SYSTEM, during the right time in his career on a CONTRACT year..

Now he is going to Toronto for 56 mil. hmmm... Speaks a lot for this guy. The guy isnt getting younger and leaves a contender in ORLANDO, for portland. okay, cool. You commit to this team and when another team comes along, you say "nvm".

Really now? is money THAT important bro. Now With all that said, I'm jsut saying Portland doesnt know it yet but NOT signing turkoglu might have been the better deal.

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