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Default Re: Artest a mistake (Article)

They key is that Ron was expected to be a leading scorer in his last two teams. It was quite clear that in Houston he was to be the second scorer, after Yao. So having the green light to be a main score maker, he felt compelled to 'help' his team as saw fit, which was an attempt at shooting them back in the game. In Sac Town the same concept applies.

Now its very reasonable to think that when he opted to come to the Lakers, he was fully aware that they had the number one and number two main shooters filled. Im sure he will feel compelled to fall right in line when Phil asks him to 'be yourself' and play the stellar D that you play. Much like Rodman, what Phil does best, is not attempt at changing a player, but maximising his better assets. Like with Farmar, he went so far as to incorporate a fast break tempo in the second unit... in order to play to Jordans strenghts. So with Artest, I think phil will tell him to play aggressive, be defensive... and behind closed doors, I think he will candidly ask of him to be the teams enforcer.

And Ron will end up having no issue with 'Keeping It Real' 'Being Himself' and 'Locking Down His Assignment'.

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