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Default Re: Artest a mistake

Originally Posted by triangleoffense
wow thats a pretty impressive statistic. Look at how much of a difference he made with the kings. Its like he just concentrated on locking one player down and look what a difference even that made. The kings have always been a horrible defensive team.
it is a good number but it needs to be taken with a huge grain of salt, and alot of investigation needs to be done as to why that number is it what it is...

there's a number of factors to look at with that number, who was his replacement? who came on the floor when he left? who else left the floor during that rotation? does that pace change dramatically, usually pace slows down when the subs hit the floor...

also what type of team is he on? raja bell put up monster numbers like that when he was with the suns because he was the only one defending and that makes a huge difference, now the same guy is putting up half the numbers in a different city did he get better or worse, probbly stayed the same it's the team around him that changed, he's on a team that has a coach that stresses defense from all his players so the let off will not be as dramatic, heck he may even be defending better than ever but it's just not going to show up because he surrounded by guys doing the same thing..

what i do is look at that number then compare to other players in the league with better numbers or numbers like that and you see it's good an bad, like is lamar a better defender then artest
acording to that stat not only is he better but he's quite a bit better! and he's also better than kobe by a mile
this past season lamar was -8 on defense 4th in the league
artest ws -4.7 22nd and kobe well he is on the positive side meaning acording to that stat the lakers play better defense with him off the

so take it for what it's worth, just another stat that needs to be really picked apart to find it's value... what it is good for is comparing the player to himself in different situations with different lineups and all

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