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Default Im sick of people underrating Kobe.

Well, this guy won 4 rings. Not 1 on his own, not 3 by riding Shaq's coattail. What would it make to take you to understand that basketball is a team sport? Does a player need to win Finals MVP and the championship to consider HIS win? Straight answer is NO!

Yes, he won 3 championships together with Shaq who is arguably the most dominant center of all time. But look who Jordan had. Scottie Pippen, a super-versatile foward who plays defense and is a top 50 all time player. Steve Kerr the best 3 point shooter of all time and Dennis Rodman the best rebounder of all time.

So the simple fact is that Kobe is 2 championships behind Jordan at age 30. ( im not comparing them in terms of ability though ) they are their own players but its terribly stupid to say that Kobe still needs to win 5 more championships as MVPs to prove himself etc.

To me Kobe is a top 10 player of all-time already. Cheers.
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