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Default Re: Vladimir Radmanovic

Originally Posted by MFC
I was under the impression that the only players to receive rings were the current roster, so the 12 guys who played in the Finals plus Yue and Morrison.

That turned out to be a very astute trade from Kupchak. The fact that we were able to dump Radmanovic and his inconsistent, soft, defensively-challenged play and wind up with a player who contributed in the playoffs and was only supposed to be the throw-in to the deal, was superb.

Who knows if the Lakers would have won the title with Radmanovic? Probably. We're in a much better position now though. Good times.

This question comes up a lot, so I looked it up --- and all the information I found says that all the players that played for the championship winning team that year will get a ring, even if they were no longer on the team during the finals. They are supposed to be presented with the ring the following year, the next time their new team plays at the home of the championship winning team. In this case, Radmanovic and Mihm would get a ring...
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