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Originally Posted by Unregistered
That's all it will take to make The Lakers a contender? They're more closer to elite state than I thought, just by adding a point guard who shoots and a defensive minded big man. Just give Mitch Kupchak GM of the decade if this happens.

Maybe you should log in too.

Mike James is a shut down defender when he wants to be and is an excellent shooter and underrated passer. He doesn't need the ball in his hands to be effective either.

Joel Pryzbilla is needed to clog up the middle and alter shots, the Lakers need to get tougher defensively.

They should also aim for a reserve shooting guard in the draft.

CT: Pryzbilla/ Mihm
PF: Brown/ Turiaf/ Cook
SF: Odom/ Walton
SG: Bryant/ Draft
PG: James/ Parker/ Sasha

Thats easily a second round team.
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