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Default Re: Besides the lakers who do you support

In the NBA it's the Lakers and my second team would be the Warriors but that is a far second....

NFL all about the Raiders for me and I am still proud to admit that.

MLB.....kind of falling out of love with baseball because it seems like a two team league (BoSox and Yanks)...all the steroid BS has killed it for me. I root for the Bay Area teams A's and Giants...I am more of an A's fan though but it's hard to follow a small market team that trades all it's young talent away cause they can't afford them. And as for the Giants they never win sh*t. And Barry f*cked it all up for me. I careless now.

Besides that I don't have a hockey team in the NHL really....who the f*ck plays that sh*t in Cali? And I don't have a soccer/futball team....I just root for the USA in the world cup. No fav tennis player....I do root for Tiger in golf but then again who doesn't right?

But it's always about the Lakers.....and yes the Raiders for me.
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