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Default Re: Does Wallace make Celtics favourites?

Originally Posted by dd24
Incorrect. Their front line wasn't quick on the perimeter, hence why teams like LA and Orlando were bad match ups for Cleveland. That doesn't mean they had a weak front line. Ilgauskas put up pretty good numbers. Varejao is not weak. Wallace isn't the same person but not weak, he can still D up and grab some boards. What do they all have in common though.... they aren't perimeter defenders. That's why PF's like LO and Rashard Lewis give them problems.

Rasheed is a good perimeter defender. He will help against match ups like that, which is something the Celtics didn't have before.

Wasn't just on the perimeter it was on the low block. And V was a decent defender but wasn't strong enough to deal with whoever he guarded. He was abit soft..Z is just too damn slow. The Cavs main weakness all year was their's why they were never taken seriously at all. Their frontcourt was was their wing players that made them win games. There is a reason why every big man they seemed to face had a big game. The fact Sheed struggled against them quite shocking.

Sheed is a better post defender than on the perimeter, he struggled with the pick and rolls and isn't quick enough anymore. His post defense isn't as good as before but is still one of his main quailties.
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