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Default Re: Chris Andersen to re-up with the Nuggets (5 yrs/$25 Mil)

Originally Posted by MeloMike
This makes my day.

Good contract too, back loaded. Perfect. If we could get DJ back for ~1-2 mil, I'd be happy as well.

All NBA contracts are backloaded, but the #s posted by the OP are not permitted by the NBA's Collective Bargaining Agreement. Again the max annual raises that can be put in a contract is 10.5%.

Year 1 - $3 mil
Year 2 - $3.315 mil
Year 3 - $3.663 mil
Year 4 - $4.048 mil
Year 5 - $4.473 mil
Total - $18.499 mil

So the max amount the contract can be if it starts at $3 mil and lasts 5 years is approximately $18.5 mil.
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