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Default Re: Off Season Numbers The Cap and Luxury Tax

Originally Posted by All Net
So will the new cap effect how much teams like Portland can offer LO? I've heard reports stating they only have 7 mill available.
i'm not to up on portlands situation, but yes, if they were planning on the cap being one thing and it turns out to be lower than that it will effect them... most likey their negotiations have been based on giving a player the max they could based on the new cap numbers, like the lakers an artest, we heard an MLE number tossed out in the news when he signed, but in reality the negotions were more like "we'll give you one hundred % of the MLE if it's 5.6 you get that, if it's 5.8 then that's what it will be...

edit: that could very well be what sent hedo to toronto also... they had more cap room and would not be effected by the new numbers so any agreement they made would unaffected, where portland would now be having to lower their offer to him because the new numbers lowered the max amount they could pay

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