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Default Re: Nets Still in Boozer Hunt?

I say its worth considering. Boozer is not old. He is 27 (he looks 37) but he is in his prime just like DWade who will turn 27 this year. Boozer turns 28 in november. True he is injury prone, that might me one negative as well as his salary...but if you think about it really, Simmons makes 14 mill a year and hasn't produced. I'll take a swap out - Boozer for Simmons and Boone, and whatever else needs to be added. It's cheaper than keeping Simmons on the squad and you get more bang for the buck even if he stays for only a year. Like i said it's worth considering...either that or try and make a push for Milsap...

Bottom line is we need a good PF. Thorn believes that YI is the answer at the 4. If he can improve over the summer than this may be true, but right now we need a strong banger down there. Williams, Boone, and YI have proven that they are not the answer at the 4. (so far).. Anderson was traded. I say make a push for Boozer,Milsap, or Channing Frye...if not then just wait till 2010.
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