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Default Re: Official let's kick Bruce Ratner away from the Nets thread

netted from nets daily had some interesting things to say-- based on his years of business experience, he feels that ratner will make a lease with the new brooklyn arena a condition of any sale. he goes on:

The smart move for Ratner would be to cap all his loses in the team and turn it over to a new owner who will assume all financial responsibilities going forward. Every year they would adjust the ownership % based on the losses the new owner assumed. In the end Ratner would still own a sizable share of the team. His only issue would be a shrinking share as the team continues to be unprofitable, but in the grand scale of team value the losses wouldn't translate to that much ownership. For a new owner they basically get to pay for a share of the team over time with no interest. Give the new owner an option to acquire additional shares at a set price and give Ratner a lease for the Brooklyn arena.

Win win for both parties. The more the new owner puts into players and free agents the more equity he gets in the team and the more valuable Ratner's shares are. The more Ratner puts into the arena the more money both make. With the pending 2010 free agency the timing is perfect for both. At least both are spending in areas that make sense to them and are in line with the business they want to be in.
so based on this and other recent news:

1) the nets will stay in the area, sale or no sale.
2) the brooklyn deal is going to happen no matter who the owner is.
3) if the team is sold, ratner would change roles from main owner to landlord, i guess.
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