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Default Re: Kobe Bryant: 81 pts against the Raptors

Originally Posted by Wonder Bread Kid
David Robinson scored 71 against the Clippers. Their D was probably better than Toronto's. Jesus, are you stalking Kobe this second?

I was at that game (Robinson's 71) LOL and in the 81 point game the defense was terrible, he was at the line with less than a minute left and he shot 46 shots and 20 free throws, he was trying to score 81 points that's the difference, nobody plays to pad their stats and that's exactly what he was doing that night, they were up by like 15 when he hit his last free throw, why is he even in the game? It was the same thing with Robinson, him and Shaq were battling for the scoring title, so his team made sure he had a boatload of points. 81 points is great, 2 assists....not so much. To me a high scoring double double is more impressive, but that's just my opinion
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