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Default Re: Who's the biggest threat in East/West for Lakers?

I think the lakers can win the West but we need LO....Artest will pretty much enable kobe to do soo much more on the offensive end....

Carmelo Anthony? no problem...shut down
Lebron James? no problem...20-25ppg on 40-45% fg
Paul pierce? are you kiddin me...all he gets is LAYUPS
RR or Manu problem...complete shut down...

I think with artest...kobe can lead the offense...and really form a deadly perimeter defense...

Gasol and Odom should Start...since both like to share the rock...and bynum should get off the bench to exploit easy scoring opportunities...

now that Yao is out for the season and shaq probably unable to get cleveland to the ECF...i think the lakers can be dangerous...we need to improve with swagger...the talent exists..
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