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Another Laker Dynasty?
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Default Management HAS to consider...

Is Odom worth $16m per year? (i.e. $8m per contract).
$16m is NO JOKE.

As fans, we want to see Buss pony up the big money to keep Odom. But can we really fault them if they are unwilling to put up THAT kind of money?

Also, can mgmt back-fill Odom's role by some other means.
- Some other free agent? Do we still have the Vet's minimum?
- Trade Morrison & Sasha?

I would love to keep Odom, but I will not fault mgmt (nor Odom) if they are unable to reach an agreement.

IF mgmt pays Odom that kind of money, we should all send personal letters of thanks to Buss.

ps. Don't give me that BS: "well Buss is filthy rich so he can afford it".
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