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Default Re: Management HAS to consider...

A players worth is largely determined by what the market will pay and right now the NBA market it out of money for the most part.

After Portland spends their dough, there will be only 2 teams that can offer him more than 6 mil per season and thats MEM and OKC. His options are quite limited.

So it comes down to this really, will MEM and OKC offer LO a contract? If that answer is no, he has no leverage. That means realistically the Lakers dont have to offer much more than 6 mil, because no other team can go that high.

Secondly lets not forget that the Lakers are in luxery tax territory so LO is going to cost them double. Sign him for 10 mil per and he costs the Buss family 20 mil.

Unless Mem or OKC offer LO a contract, I dont think he has much choice but to take a Laker deal. Unless he wants to follow the path and play the "I was disrespected" card.
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