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Default Re: Management HAS to consider...

If Jerry Buss doesn't want to pay Odom's contract, then sell the team to someone who does. No Odom - no dynasty. That's the bottom line. Throughout Buss' tenure in LA, he's been one of the best owners in sport, always putting winning first. The profits followed. Not signing Odom would be a sign that he has completely lost it. Since winning the championship, we've switched Ariza for Artest and traded away our first two picks for cash, both moves signalling that we were making room for Odom. If they weren't designed to make room for Odom, then we're being welcomed to the world of every supporter from other NBA teams. That is, a world where our owner is too cheap to pay for a championship team.

I'm giving credit to Buss that he's smart enough to get the job done. Smart enough to remember that the money he shells out for Odom will be reimbursed through the extra revenue generated by going deep into the playoffs and winning a championship. Without Odom, we're looking at a second round exit. The likes of Boston, Cleveland and San Anotonio will only be better next season. I hope Buss remembers that it was winning that brought he and his franchise the fame it now owns. If he's forgotten that, he can go and make money somewhere else.
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