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Default Re: Wilcox, Gooden, or Diogu?

We need to fill three positions a guy who can play both PF/C, a SF, and a SG.

We need a guy who can play both PF/C or just play Center as el gringos said because if he plays C, then Nene can go back to his natural position on the court, but one that can play PF/C will help out relive both positions for Bird, K-Mart, and Nene.

Small Forward is to relieve Melo, with LK possibly leavin we need someone that can play for him, Balkman is good, but can't shoot a high percentage.

Shooting Guard with Dahntay out it leaves JR, so we definitely need a player, yeah Weems is there, but I'm not sure how much "TRUST" GK has for the guy.

I dont think we need another PG because imo AC will likely return. Plus Lawson will get a chance to develop.
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