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Default Re: Management HAS to consider...

Originally Posted by bleedinpurpleTwo
but Odom's contract WOULD cost $16m per year, which is a sh!tload for a guy coming off the bench. Lakers may or may not win the ship with Odom.

as for Kobe, they WILL NOT win it without him. Odom, Gasol and Artest are not going to win the championship.

however, Odom's roll may be backfilled by others.
odoms contract would cost 8 million per year, he's not making 16 million, he'll get paid 8 mill, the teams combined salaries are what makes the lakers pay tax... if that's how you look at it i'd be sending bynum off because he starts his new contract this season and he's certainly not worth 24
and we know we can win a ring without his help

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