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Default Re: Management HAS to consider...

Originally Posted by gts
i myself do not look at it as a 16 million dollar per year contract, i think that's a odd way to look at the cap...

i look at the team as a whole as contributing to the lakers being over the luxury tax... lamars possible 8 million dollar per year is not putting the lakers over the cap, they are already there, it's a combination of several larger contracts that give the lakers an 84 million dollar roster.... with that in mind i don't have a problem with paying lamar even 9 million per year, he's more than worth it and has more than proven his value to the team...

kobe is set to sign an extension are we questioning if he is worth 50 million per year?

I like the way you value player, and it's very true, you were patient with a lot of Lakers player, but there are just two problems.

1. Money - Kobe is the ONE that sells ticket, whether we like it or not, people will pay to see KOBE, and him alone. He may not deserve as much money by the time he is old, but he WILL sell tickets.

2. Timing - Odom came off an year where the economy is crap, and everyone was targeting for 2010. Had the cap not been reduced, I do believe more teams would contact Odom. But with how it's gonna look in the future, not a lot of teams can pay Odom. And for a pure business perspective (the part of basketball that sucks), it doesn't make sense for the FO to spend a lot of money.

When you truly think about Jerry doing Lakers as a business instead of just making money, you'll understand that he is great for not spending money compared to big markets like the NYK. He cares. You may not agree, but he truly gets the RIGHT market value off of a lot of players. Ron Ron at 5.6 mil? The winning history had to help. Lakers having a huge fan base by having Kobe (just think about Asia and all those money) Buss knows what he's doing, from a business perspective.

You never want an owner who just spends (Cubna) but an owner who is intelligent. And with that, I introduce you Jerry Buss.
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