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Default Team Needs Analysis

Charlotte Bobcats:

Strengths: The Bobcats have done a nice job in their first 2 years in the league by sticking to their philosophy of building by the draft, and not taking on any silly sized contracts. They have a nice young core of, Raymond Felton, Gerald Wallace and Emeka Okafor. Felton has shown that he can be an allstar point guard in the league.
Weaknesses: The Bobcats really lack a go to scorer. They have excellent defensive players in Okafor and Wallace, but cannot rely on any one of their players to be a go to scorer. Felton has shown glimpses of being a dominant scorer, but I looks best suited to being a distributor in a run and gun offense. The best thing the Bobcats can do this year is pick Adam Morrison at 3, and look for a decent project big man at 50. Brevin Knight is now redundant and the Bobcats could get the Celtics to draft for them at 7 also. They should do nothing in free agency.

3rd Pick: Adam Morrison- Gonzaga
50th pick: Taj Gray- Oklahoma
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