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Default Re: Michael Jackson Girlfriend

Originally Posted by L.Kizzle
The only weak cuts from OTW are Girlfrinds and It's the Falling In Love. The other non-singles like Working Day and Night (though they played it like a single) Get on the Floor, I Can't Help It (great) and Burn This Disco Out get play.

'Get On The Floor' is okay ,but "Burn this Disco Out"(personally don't like)/Falling in Love/Girlfriend are the weak links & sound kind of dated. Most of the others are timeless.Can't understand why any of these three tunes beat out MJJ's "Wanna Be Startin Something'

Working Day & Night was my personal favorite(along with Rock With You) as a child.

I assume you are saying 'Working..' was never released here as a 'single'? Too bad.

Still waiting on 'original' PYT Feedback.
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